Adolescent Medicine Training and Research


Faculty in Children's Hospital's Division of Adolescent Medicine and Young Adult Health are conducting innovative research to improve the health of young people throughout Middle Tennessee and around the world. Our work includes the impact of stress on physical and mental responses to pain, the effectiveness of vaccines, and the development of programs to help young people transition from pediatric care to adult health care services.

Education and training

The Adolescent Medicine and Young Adult Health Division offers extensive training opportunities for students. Vanderbilt's Emphasis Program enables medical students to work with our faculty in a unique program of self-directed study during the first two years of medical school.

Applicants to the doctoral training program in clinical psychology may work in Dr. Lynn Walker's research lab. Dr. Walker is also a faculty mentor for the Biobehavioral Interventions Training Program.

Visit the Department of Pediatrics' website to learn more about research and education opportunities in the Division.

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