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Common Questions about Play Nicely

Why was the Play Nicely Program developed?

Inappropriate discipline and early childhood aggression are two of the strongest predictors of violence later in life. Exposure to inappropriate discipline also increases a child's risk for many other physical and mental health problems.

Rather than correcting future problems, it would be best for all parents to know healthy ways to discipline when children are young. Our goal with Play Nicely is to provide the most efficient and effective way to educate parents about healthy discipline strategies.

What is included with Play Nicely?

The Play Nicely program consists of a 50-minute interactive multimedia program and Play Nicely: The Healthy Discipline Handbook.

Who can use Play Nicely?

Play Nicely is designed for anyone who cares for young children ages one through 10 years.  The multimedia program has separate versions for parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

Who developed Play Nicely? 

The program was developed at Vanderbilt University. Its content is based on material from many sources, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the American Psychological Association.

What are the important features of Play Nicely?

  • It works because It is based on evidence.
  • It uses a public health approach.
  • It is brief. In some cases the program produces results in only five to 10 minutes.
  • The online multimedia version is free.
  • Implementation is simple.