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Medical Home for Sickle Cell Disease

A medical home is more than a basic clinic. It is a place where patients and families develop a lifelong relationship with doctors, nurses, and staff. The Center of Excellence for Sickle Cell Disease brings together primary care providers and specialists from local institutions to treat individuals with sickle cell disease under one roof.

Our doctors are from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Meharry Medical College, and Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center. We also partner with specialists from Tennessee Oncology and Centennial Pediatrics to cover a wide range of medical issues. This partnership allows individuals with sickle cell disease or respiratory disorders to have an ongoing relationship with their current sickle cell doctor, while receiving primary care at Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center. We currently see patients up to age 18 at the center.

Benefits of a medical home

We help our patients connect with a primary care provider or specialist to provide comprehensive health care services, which include:

  • Experts in management of sickle cell disease
  • Access to people who know you by name and understand your health issues
  • A trusting partnership for ongoing care
  • A medical team that helps you find support services
  • Respect for cultural and religious beliefs and personal preferences
  • Access to preventive care and health education
  • Accurate medical records that preserve your privacy

If you do not have a primary care doctor, our staff can help you find one. We help you connect with specialists and provide support services during your medical journey. If you have a primary care provider, we will work as partners with them to provide comprehensive care that encourages you to continue your ongoing relationship with your existing provider.