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Symptoms that May Require Pain Clinic Referral

Regardless of the specific pain issue, we may evaluate your child's medication regimen and adjust as appropriate. We expect your referring provider will attempt basic pain management, with failure or insufficient management prompting consultation with our service.


Headache is a common pain complaint in children. We may evaluate your child's medication regimen and adjust as appropriate. We also provide interventional techniques for pain that does not respond to medical management, such as occipital nerve blocks. Prior to referral, your child must have an imaging study such as CT or MRI, with results faxed to our clinic. Any consultation reports from neurologists or other specialists related to this pain should also be faxed to our office.

Back pain

Back pain is also a very common complaint among children. Our interventional techniques include epidural steroid injections. Any consultation reports with neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, or other specialists related to this pain should be faxed to our office, along with relevant imaging reports.

Complex regional pain syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy)

This form of neuropathic pain is sometimes seen after surgical procedures or injuries. Interventional techniques include stellate ganglion blocks or lumbar sympathetic blocks.

Chronic opioid management

Children with chronic disease often require chronic opioids for pain control. When these opioid regimens become complex, our service may be able to help with management. For safety, your child may be subject to random drug screens and tracking of controlled substance prescriptions on federal and/or state databases. We also require your family to sign an opioid contract during the period we manage these prescriptions. We expect our clinic will be the sole provider of opioid medications, with monthly repeat evaluations prior to additional opioid prescriptions. We expect to transfer care back to your referring physician when a safe and acceptable regimen has been established for further prescription management.

Neuropathic pain

In addition to CRPS, other forms of neuropathic pain or pain that will not respond to classic pain medications, such as trigeminal neuralgia, may prompt referral to our clinic.

Abdominal pain

Chronic abdominal pain may be debilitating to your child and the family. We expect pediatric gastroenterologists will fully evaluate, examine, and study your child's pain, with negative workups prompting consultation with our service. We generally provide multidisciplinary therapy, including child psychiatry and/or behavioral medicine consultations.