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Responsive neurostimulation (RNS)

Responsive neurostimulation treats the specific area(s) of the brain causing seizures. 

A doctor first identifies these areas using invasive monitoring such as stereoEEG (electroencephalogram). RNS electrodes are implanted directly into one or two of these areas.

RNS works by detecting seizure onset and delivering a stimulation that stops the seizure from going on longer or getting worse. The neurologist uses EEG data they collect from the RNS to learn about your child's seizure activity. Then, they can adjust the algorithms that detect and stop seizures. This makes the technology work even better.

Patients who may benefit from RNS include those whose seizures are coming from an area of the brain that controls important functions, such as language, movement, memory and vision. It may also work for patients whose seizures come from more than one area of the brain.

Our pediatric neurosurgeon specializing in epilepsy surgery and our pediatric epileptologists have the training and experience to help determine if your child may be a good candidate for RNS implantation.

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