How to Choose Shoes

Barefoot people have the best feet! Your child needs a flexible, soft shoe that allows freedom for feet to develop normally. Shoes are worn to protect the feet. Fashion for children is much less important than healthy feet.

Correct size

Shoes are much better when they are too large rather than too small. Buy shoes at least 1/2 inch longer than your child's feet because children's feet grow quickly and because the toes need enough room to move.


Shoes with soles that are too stiff are not good for feet because they limit movement which is needed for developing strength in the legs, ankles, and feet.


A child's foot needs protection from cold and sharp objects, but also needs to move freely.

Kids' falls cause many injuries. A flat, rubber sole wears well and may prevent a fall.

Soft materials

Leather and canvas are materials that "breathe" well. This is especially important in hot weather.

Avoid Pointed toes and heels that are more than 3/8" high.

Good shoes do not have to be expensive.