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More About the Inpatient Pediatric Pain Management Service

The inpatient component of the Pediatric Pain Management Service treats hospitalized children and children having surgery at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. In addition, our physician anesthesiologists provide anesthesia care to children receiving radiation therapy, burn therapy and specialized diagnostic studies.

The independent Inpatient Pediatric Pain Management Service is a consultative service that has a physician pediatric pain management specialist on-call at all times, and is always available to support care teams throughout the hospital.

If your child has an upcoming surgical procedure and you are interested in learning about different pain management options, please contact your surgeon's office or call us at (615) 936-1840.

Conditions we treat

The clinicians on the Inpatient Pediatric Pain Management Service treat pain associated with surgical procedures through combinations of oral and intravenous medications and regional anesthesia techniques. Regional techniques place local anesthetic medications around nerves to “numb” pain. These include spinal, epidural, caudal, and peripheral nerve block techniques.

The pain management clinicians work very closely with your surgeon and operating room anesthesiologist to find the best plan so your child may have less pain, nausea and sedation and faster recovery after surgery. They also work with other clinicians to develop and implement enhanced recovery after anesthesia (ERAS) clinical care pathways that focus on patient-centered care, optimal pain control and faster recovery from illness.

In addition to surgical care, the Inpatient Pediatric Pain Management Service assists other medical teams to help children manage pain in the hospital and helps care for children admitted with a specific painful condition such as postdural puncture headache (spinal headache).