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Patient Safety Guidelines


The safety of our patients is a team effort between patients, families, and hospital staff at Children’s Hospital Vanderbilt. 

Parents and caregivers, we request that you:

  • Make sure there is an ID band on your child at ALL times.
  • If an ID band is missing, ask your nurse for another.
  • Make sure the information on the band is correct.
  • Always show your child's ID band before tests or taking any medications.
  • Make sure you have your ID band that identifies you as your child's parent or caregiver at all times.

The physicians and staff at Children’s Hospital will always:

  • Ask for your child's name.
  • Check your child's ID band.
  • Wear a hospital badge.

Know your medications

  • Communicate what medications your child is allergic to.
  • Keep a list of your child's medicines with you.
  • Herbal supplements are medicines, too.
  • Tell us immediately if your child's medicines do not look right.

Allergies and special diets

Let our staff know about any allergies or bad reactions to food, medicines or dyes. If your child is on a special diet or must avoid certain foods, please tell your nurse.

Infection control

Pay attention to any "Contact Precautions" signs on your child's room door. Help us stop the spread of infection by enforcing these precautions with anyone who enters your child’s room. 

Prevent falls

Falls can happen anytime, anywhere. 

Safety tips to prevent falls and injuries:

  • Keep side rails up when your child is in his/her hospital bed or crib.
  • Ask for help when moving your child.
  • Put your child to sleep in the hospital bed or crib.
  • Do not leave until you put the side rails up and tell your nurse.
  • Do not hold your baby or child if you are sleepy.
  • Do not let your children run, climb or jump anywhere in the hospital.