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Time for Remembering

Watch Our Virtual Ceremony

Common Questions about Time for Remembering

Is there a limit to the number of family members who can attend?

No, you may share the link with family and friends. 

Can my family and I attend/watch the event next year?

You may attend the event as many years as you like.

What if I have a problem viewing the virtual event?

If you or your family need help watching the virtual event, email Someone will respond to you within 24 hours with assistance.

Can I connect with staff members at the hospital?

Current COVID-19 restrictions require limitations on hospital visitors. We have provided an opportunity to send a note to any staff member in the registration form.

Can I add my child’s name to the list on the virtual event later?

Yes, we would be happy to add your child’s name to the list. We will update the list periodically throughout the year. Complete the registration form (linked above) to have your child’s name added to the virtual ceremony.

Bereavement Support Videos

Our bereavement videos are here to help parents navigate their grief after the loss of a child. The bereavement videos were created by a bereaved parent, hospital staff and mental health professionals. We hope they illuminate the different ways we all grieve and provide a level of comfort to your family.

How Siblings Experience Bereavement: Honey Denson

Helping Siblings with Bereavement: Elizabeth Abaray

Maintaining Physical and Mental Health After the Death of a Child

Returning to Work after the Death of a Child

Learning to Grieve with a Spouse or Partner

Getting Through the Holidays