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When Siblings Visit

What's It Like To Visit the NICU?

Visiting your new baby sister or brother in the NICU is exciting, but you have to be careful to follow the rules while you're there. This video will help you learn what to do.


A visit from a brother or sister in the hospital is very special. We welcome siblings during regular visiting hours but ask that they remain with an adult friend or family member at all times. This is to ensure their safety and our patients'. 

Talk to your child’s nurse about whether a visit from a sibling would be helpful. We suggest you plan visits with siblings based on the length of time appropriate for their age, developmental levels and your personal situation. 

Anyone who is sick should not visit the hospital. Your nurse is responsible for protecting patients and will check visitors for illness. After a brief health screening, your nurse will give each sibling a name tag. It must be worn at all times.


We have special playrooms designated for patients to have playtime with siblings. The sibling playroom is on the second floor. Each patient may have up to two visitors in the playrooms at one time, including adults. Brothers and sisters may visit the upper floor playrooms only when accompanying a patient. Because families must share space in the playrooms and because illness can create stress for all family members, parents must supervise their children.

Intensive Care Visitation

Visiting the intensive care unit to see a brother or sister can be scary for children of any age. Child Life specialists and nursing staff can help you prepare siblings for this visit. Special visiting hours and guidelines may apply to the NICU, PCCU, Myelosuppression Unit and for children under special isolation precautions. Please see a nurse or Child Life staff member for visiting hours and guidelines.