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About Your Visit to the Developmental Pediatrics Clinic


First visit

During the first visit to the Developmental Pediatrics Clinic, your child will usually see a medical professional (physician or nurse practitioner) who will conduct a one-hour comprehensive medical and behavioral history. He or she will also perform a physical examination and developmental assessment. Based on the assessment, the professional may recommend additional tests (such as testing for genetic conditions or a brain MRI), additional evaluations (such as a psychology assessment or referral to another healthcare professional) or resources to add your child’s developmental concerns.

Psychology assessment

Our medical professionals in the may recommend a referral to a psychologist for an assessment.

The psychologist will conduct a comprehensive behavioral health history of your child and family. This will consist of a standardized evaluation in which you will be asked questions about independent living. They also will conduct a formal evaluation of your child's developmental ability or intelligence. The psychologist will typically schedule a follow-up visit to provide feedback about the assessment and will also make recommendations for educational and behavioral changes that may be indicated.

Behavioral consultants

The healthcare professionals in the Center for Child Development may recommend that you and your child meet with our behavioral consultant. Your family will receive guidance on encouraging positive behaviors in daily living routines and classroom settings.