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Behavioral Hematology Oncology Program (BHOP)

The Behavioral Hematology Oncology Program (BHOP) is a psychosocial support service provided exclusively to our patients and their families at Children’s Hospital. Our two licensed psychologists are dedicated to working with and supporting patient psychosocial functioning.

We provide BHOP services as needed during outpatient clinic visits and inpatient hospital stays, protecting confidentiality and privacy and coordinating care with the entire cancer treatment team.

Our psychologists have expertise in addressing a wide-range of adjustment and coping needs across the spectrum of cancer care, beginning at diagnosis and extending into survivorship. Psychosocial concerns commonly addressed include

  • Anxiety and panic symptoms
  • Depression, stress and trauma symptoms related to painful medical procedures and side-effects of treatment
  • Relationship strain that can develop with peers, siblings and caregivers.

Serious illnesses like cancer can lead to depression, anxiety or hopelessness. These symptoms can be severe enough to interfere with a patient’s ability to play an active role in cancer treatment. Should your psychosocial needs require a higher level of support or intervention, our BHOP team can connect you with our board-certified psychiatrists and nurse practitioners who have a special interest in adolescent and young adult oncology. This team offers more intensive care when mental health concerns require medication support.

BHOP clinicians are available to meet with you during our adolescent and young adult-focused Thursday afternoon clinic in our cancer center. You may use this service as needed, or on a regular basis during clinic visits as determined by you and the BHOP clinician. BHOP also offers consultation visits to assist you with referrals for community-based mental health professionals located closer to home.