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Car Seat Information for Children with Body Casts


Your child's ability to fit in his or her current car seat depends on the type of cast in use and whether your child can sit up.

If your child has a cast and CAN sit up

Your child's own car safety seat will probably work unless the cast is too wide to fit inside the car seat. In that case a car safety seat with low sides may be necessary.

Use a car seat with a five-point harness. Make sure to support your child's legs with pillows, foam or blankets, if needed.

If your child has a cast and CANNOT sit up

Your child may need a special restraint such as a Snug Seat Hippo or modified E-Z-ON vest. The Snug Seat Hippo is a car seat made specifically for kids in casts. The modified vest is for children over one year old and over 20 pounds who need to travel lying down. Please discuss these options with your Case Manager.

In some cases, a child safety seat with low sides and shallow seat-depth may fit your child.

The recommended options are

  • Sunshine Kids Radian 80 Convertible Seat (rear facing 5-33 lbs, forward facing 20-80 lbs);
  • Radian 65 (rear facing 5-33 lbs, forward facing 20-65 lbs);
  • Safety 1st Apex 65 (forward facing 20-65 lbs, booster 30-100 lbs);
  • Britax Regent (22-80 lbs with internal harness).

If you do not have one of these restraint devices upon discharge, ambulance transport may be necessary.

NEVER transport your child with a cast on a vehicle seat reclined more than allowed by the vehicle manufacturer. You may find this information in the vehicle owner's manual, or call the manufacturer or your dealer. Potential harm to your child may occur with an inappropriate vehicle seat position.

Upon discharge from the hospital, if your child does not properly fit in a car safety seat or modified vest, ambulance transport may be necessary.