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Common Questions about Endoscopy

What can my child eat the day before the procedure?

Please refer to the appropriate instruction form for your child's scheduled procedure. 

General instructions included in all preps:

  • No solid foods for 8 hours prior
  • Clear liquids only up until 4 hours prior, and then nothing by mouth prior to the procedure.
  • No chewing gum the morning of the procedure.

What if my child is unable to complete the required prep the day before the procedure?

Your doctor has provided you with a specific prep in order to ready your child for their procedure. It is very important that these instructions are followed carefully to ensure the safety of your child and to ensure that the doctor is able to complete a full examination. If your child is unable to complete the prep as instructed, please call the GI clinic at (615) 322-7449.

Can my child eat or drink anything on the morning of the procedure?

Your child must not eat or drink anything 4 hours prior to the procedure. They can have clear liquids only up until 4 hours prior to the procedure time.

Can my child take normal medications the day before or morning of the procedure?

Most medications are fine to take the day before the procedure. You will be instructed differently if your child should not take specific medications the day before. Most medications may be taken after the procedure is finished. If your child needs to have an oral medication that is taken on a strict time schedule, for example seizure medication, etc., please ask your primary care physician if your child may take the medication with a sip of water on the morning of the procedure.

Can a relative or friend bring my child for the procedure?

Legal consent for your child's procedure must be given by the parent or legal guardian. On rare circumstances when you cannot be with your child, we must be able to contact a parent or guardian by phone to obtain consent.

Why does my child have to arrive two hours before the scheduled procedure time?

We ask you to arrive two hours early to allow time for your child to be registered as a patient, weighed, and assessed by a nurse, which includes making sure that he/ she has not had anything to eat or drink for the required time.

Next, they will have vital signs taken, a review of their medical history, and get dressed in a gown or pajamas for the procedure. The anesthesia team will talk with you about your child's past medical history. They will also answer your questions and discuss the plan for your child's anesthesia during the procedure.

Your child's GI doctor will explain the procedure, answer any questions you may have, and then have you sign an informed consent form. Please be aware that we sometimes have other tests which need to be done before the procedure.

Can I bring my other children with me to the procedure area?

Children younger than 14 years are not allowed to accompany your child to the Holding Room or the Recovery Room areas. If you must bring younger children with you, it is highly recommended that you bring a responsible adult or an older sibling who can supervise the younger children in the waiting room lobby.

What clothing should my child wear on the day of the procedure?

Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.

Can my child bring a favorite toy or blanket?

Your child may bring a favorite toy, blanket. or comfort item. These items are allowed to stay with the child during the procedure.

Can I go with my child to the procedure room?

Typically, a child leaves their parent in the holding room as we move your child to the procedure room. If your child appears afraid, we may give them medication to help reduce their anxiety. The final decision about whether a parent may accompany a child to the procedure room will be made by your child's anesthesiologist.

How long will it take to do the procedure?

The procedure times average from 45 to 90 minutes.

Will my child have pain after the procedure?

Your child may experience mild "gas" pains after the procedure. These pains rarely require medication.

How long will my child be in the recovery room?

Most children are ready to be discharged within one hour.

When can my child resume regular medications after the procedure?

As soon as your child is able to drink fluids, he/she may take regular medications.

When can my child begin eating after the procedure?

Your child will be given liquids prior to being discharged from the Recovery Room. We recommend starting with light foods first and then advancing to a regular diet as your child tolerates.

When can my child resume regular activities after the procedure?

It is a good idea for your child to take it easy the day of the procedure. Indoor activities such as watching movies, playing video games, or reading are recommended.

When will I get the results from the doctor?

All results are usually available one week after the procedure. You will be instructed who to call for those results.

Can my child go back to school the day after the procedure?

Normal activities may resume the day after the procedure.

What if I need to cancel the procedure before the date of the procedure?

If you need to cancel the procedure prior to the scheduled date of the procedure, please call the scheduler at (615) 936-4077. Please call as far in advance as possible so we may schedule someone else in your time slot.

What if my child is sick on the day of the procedure?

If your child is ill on the morning of the procedure, please call (615) 322-7449 to cancel the procedure. After 9:30 a.m., call the scheduler at (615) 936-4077 to cancel and reschedule your child's procedure.