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Health Insurance and Financial Counseling

All adolescent and young adult cancer patients will meet our nurse case manager and social worker at the time of diagnosis to assist in assessing financial and insurance issues or concerns. Our team will help compile a treatment plan and communicate this information to the insurance companies, and assist with the pre-authorization processes that will lead to the best possible therapy. When necessary, our team will assist patients and their families in contacting their insurance case manager.

Our nurse case manager will assist with authorization of routine medications and chemotherapy agents, and will partner with the financial counselor when needed.

In addition to the nurse case manager and social worker, our dedicated financial counselor works with patients diagnosed with a hematological or oncological disorder. The financial counselor will verify insurance coverage for all patients and assist with financial and insurance issues and concerns.

Patients and families are often unaware of added benefits that may be available to them through their insurance plans. The financial counselor can provide answers to questions concerning coverage, especially for deductibles, out-of-pocket cost, lifetime maximum coverage, prescription coverage and travel and meal coverage. They may also provide information on other services available to the patient to help offset the cost of insurance by supplying information and necessary forms and helping the patient complete these forms.

The financial counselor can assist the patient if services are denied and an appeal is needed, and explain the billing process and address any related questions. For individuals without health insurance, they will help identify financial assistance. They can also screen insured families that may have difficulty making payments.

When necessary, the nurse case manager, social worker, or financial counselor may refer a patient to another hospital financial counselor who will assist with the application process for TennCare, Kentucky Medicare or other state-funded insurance plan.