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Interpreter Services at Monroe Carell

If you or your child have special needs, are deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired, blind or have limited mastery of English, we provide resources to patients or parents, including:

  • On-site Arabic and Spanish interpreters
  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters
  • Readers for patients who are visually impaired or blind
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities documents in Braille
  • Access to qualified interpreters for patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

For adult patients

For Patients: Telephonic Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services is available to you at no cost. If you need a Spanish interpreter when you call Monroe Carell, dial (844) 969-2315.

Los Servicios de Intérprete están disponibles sin costo para usted. Si necesita la asistencia de un intérprete de español cuando llame a Monroe Carell, marque el número (844) 969-2315.

For other languages

(844) 969-2305

(844) 969-2300

(844) 969-2302

(844) 969-2301

Document translation and revision

The Interpreter Services Office can translate medical center forms.

Service for visually impaired patients

For more information about finding a reader and/or Braille documents for visually impaired patients, call (615) 322-7378.

Services for deaf or hard of hearing patients

If you or your child is a patient who is deaf or hard of hearing and need to reach VUMC, dial 711 on your personal TTY. We serve patients who are deaf or hard of hearing through the Tennessee Relay Service.

If you need to reach a patient who is deaf or hard of hearing, you may do so using a TTY, which you may check out from the Interpreter Services office. Or, dial 711 from your office phone, then enter the phone number you are trying to reach. Remember to dial 9 for an outside line before dialing 711.

Other services

Sign language interpreters

Contact Bridges directly by email or call (615) 248-8828.

On-site interpreters

Physicians: When you schedule an appointment for an LEP patient, Interpreter Services receives an automatic interpreter request in Epic. Select the patient's preferred language in the demographics section of the chart. If you do not use Epic and need to schedule a procedure or surgery, or have a last-minute request, email us or call (615) 322-7378.

If you schedule an appointment after 4 p.m., Interpreter Services cannot provide an interpreter for the morning of the following day.

Telephone interpreters

Interpreter Services provides 24-hour access to telephone interpreters. For any language, staff members may call (866) 874-3972 or (833) 687-3583.