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What to Expect at Your Visit to the GI Clinic

Your child's care team

Our care teams are made up of experienced pediatric doctors and nurses with advanced training (nurse practitioners) who specialize in gastroenterology.

And because Vanderbilt University Medical Center is a teaching institution, the team may also include residents (doctors training to become pediatricians) and fellows (pediatricians training to become specialists in gastroenterology).

Being involved in medical education helps us provide the most advanced care possible. All decisions about your child’s care will be made jointly by your care team and you. Because no one knows your child better than you, you and your child are the most important members of the team.

Checking in

It usually takes about 15 minutes to check in. During check-in, You will fill out some paperwork to help us better understand your child’s needs. A nurse will go over the list of medicines your child is taking. Be ready to tell us the name of the pharmacy where you want your child’s prescriptions sent.

We will check your child’s weight, height, and other vital signs.

Once your child is checked in, you will be asked to wait in the waiting room or in one of the exam rooms until your provider can see you. If you feel that you are waiting too long, ask the front desk for help.

Checking out

If your child needs a follow-up visit

Go to the front desk where you checked in. We will schedule the follow-up visit for you.

If your child is going to have a lab test before going home

Go to the front desk where you checked in. We will register your child and direct you to the lab.

If your child is going to have a lab test at another time or place

Your nurse will give you any specific information and directions you may need.