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Your Visit to the 3-and-Over Autism Clinic


Most children aged three and older who are being evaluated for autism will initially have an assessment by a medical professional (developmental pediatrician or nurse practitioner). 

There may be as many as three sessions needed to complete the visit. The sessions will include an initial assessment, testing and feedback.

After your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a new patient questionnaire through US mail. Please complete these forms and bring them to your appointment. We also ask that you bring any individualized education plan (IEP) and other reports from prior testing.

First visit

On the day of the appointment, have your child eat breakfast and take their medications. Bring anything your child may need, including snacks, drinks, diapers and wipes, a change of clothes and a few activities in case there is down time. It is best if siblings do not attend the appointment. Or, please bring an adult who can care for them in the waiting area.

During the first visit the medical professional will take a medical and developmental history of your child. They will also perform a physical examination. They may also ask the child to complete some tasks to better understand current developmental skills. This appointment generally lasts one hour.

The first visit with the pediatric nurse practitioner or developmental pediatrician does not include psychological testing for autism. After the first visit, the medical professional may then refer your child to a psychologist for a full assessment.

Subsequent visit

If your child is referred to a psychologist for an evaluation, your child will return to the Center on a different day for the evaluation. The psychologist will conduct a behavioral health history based on your concerns. Your child will then have testing conducted and scored. This evaluation will provide your family with a diagnosis, feedback and written report.

Based on your child’s health insurance coverage, there may be as many as three sessions needed to complete the psychology evaluation, including an initial assessment, psychological testing and a third session for feedback about the diagnosis and recommendations.