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Acute Care Rehabilitation Services

Acute Care Rehabilitation Services at Children's Hospital provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy during a child’s hospitalization through a multi-disciplinary team approach. Our therapists are trained to treat infants, children and young adults with a variety of diagnoses and conditions and make recommendations for their next level of care.

Another department in the hospital may refer your child to therapy for many reasons, including

  • Recovery from a surgery
  • Difficulty with communicating or swallowing
  • Challenges to completing activities of daily living
  • Recovery from a traumatic injury or illness
  • At risk for developmental delay or deconditioning related to a prolonged hospital stay.

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Conditions We Treat

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    Brain and spine trauma
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    Congenital heart disease
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    Developmental delay
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    Orthopaedic injuries
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    Pediatric cancers
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