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Center for Child Protection and Well-Being

Our Mission: protecting and improving the well-being of children

The clinicians in our Center perform detailed medical evaluations for children suspected of being abused or neglected. Our experienced pediatricians and nurse practitioners work closely with pediatric social workers to help children and families in these situations, ensuring the most accurate medical assessment possible. By coming to a correct diagnosis – whether it’s an accidental injury, a medical condition or abuse or neglect – we help ensure the well-being of all the children we see.

Concerns regarding child sexual abuse specifically are handled by the Our Kids Center.

If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services hotline at (877) 237-0004.

Why Choose Center for Child Protection and Well-Being at Vanderbilt

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    Highly skilled care

    Our pediatricians and nurse practitioners are specially trained to provide medical evaluations to infants, children, and adolescents when concerns about possible abuse or neglect arise. 

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    Collaborative care

    Our team works closely with pediatric radiologists, intensive care physicians, orthopedists, and surgeons to arrive at the correct diagnoses and provide guidance to others caring for each child.