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CRPC Outreach Education

Educational courses

PALS Renewal (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Course at Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks. Email Kristi Holt for course dates and pricing. Learn more about PALS.

PEARS (Pediatric Advanced Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization) Course at Vanderbilt Health at One Hundred Oaks. Email Kristi Holt for course dates and pricing. Learn more about PEARS.

Emergency Office Preparedness classes are available upon request for Pediatricians’ offices in the middle Tennessee area. The goal is to train providers and office personnel on responding to in-office emergencies, familiarizing them with equipment and supplies not frequently utilized, and stabilizing the patient until EMS arrival. Email Kristi Holt to inquire about scheduling a class at your office.

The CRPC Team

Rebecca S. Kidd, M.D.
Medical Director

Jennifer Dindo, R.N., CPEN
CRPC Coordinator
(615) 875-9591

Jennifer is native to the Nashville area. In 2008 she joined Children's Hospital's Pediatric Emergency Department staff as a care partner. Upon completion of nursing school, she was accepted into the Pediatric Nurse Residency Program, and afterwards returned to the Pediatric Emergency Department as an RN. Since then, Jennifer has advanced to become a Charge Nurse and a member of the Specialized Trauma and Critical Care team. Most recently, she moved into a leadership position as a Clinical Staff Leader. She joined the CRPC Outreach team as Coordinator in November 2015.

Mary Lee Lemley, MSN, RN-NIC
Neonatal Outreach Senior Program Manager
Perinatal Outreach Coordinator for Middle Tennessee
Division of Neonatology - Simulation Coordinator

Mary Lee is a third-generation nurse with an MSN in Nursing Education and Management. During her career she has worked in Maternal Child and Neonatal nursing as a staff nurse, charge nurse, educator, clinical instructor and simulation specialist. She also led the work to develop a mobile Neonatal and OB simulation lab, which increases the skill sets of clinical team members through simulated experiences, didactic training, and real time feedback.

Katie S. Judd, MSN, R.N., CCRN-Neonatal
Neonatal Outreach Coordinator

Katie joined our team in July 2016 from the NICU Children's Hospital, where she served as a charge nurse beginning in 2003. Born in Seattle to a military family, she has travelled extensively and spent much of her childhood overseas. A nurse since 2000, she is a certified instructor for STABLE and NRP.

Kristin J. Holt 
Associate Program Manager
(615) 936-8009

Kristi has been with the CRPC Outreach Program since 2006. She handles behind-the-scenes details for the Outreach team's work, including education credit applications and submissions, flyer creation, scheduling, website update, travel arrangements, procurement, and anything else the team requires.