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Music Therapy


Music therapists at Children's Hospital work with children and their families, using music in unique ways with each child to help with chronic pain, physical rehabilitation, psychiatric symptoms, end of life, procedural support and coping with hospitalization and disease.

If your child has special medical, developmental or social needs, our board-certified music therapists can create a non-threatening, non-invasive program to help better cope with a hospital stay.

Music therapy may provide opportunities for:

  • Emotional support
  • Procedural support
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • Pain/anxiety management
  • Normalization of environment
  • Socialization
  • Legacy creation/memory building
  • Developmental support
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Caregiver support
  • Coping
  • Self-expression and awareness
  • Meaningful and positive family moments

Music therapists work as part of the medical team to support the whole patient. They design music therapies specially for each patient’s medical diagnoses, course of treatment and discharge timeline.

Our board-certified music therapists have completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music therapy, over 1,200 clinical hours, and passed a national exam administered by the certification board for music therapists (CBMT).

Anyone on your child's healthcare team can refer to music therapy.

Meet Our Music Therapists

Dana Kim

Dana KimMA, MT-BC, NICU MT (she/her)

    Board Certified Music Therapist, Patient & Family Care
Cassandra Haines

Cassandra HainesMT-BC, NICU MT

    Board Certified Music Therapist, Patient & Family Care

Julian T. Fouce Fund

The Music Therapy Program at Children’s Hopsital was made possible in 2005 by Tom and Maria Fouce in memory of their son, Julian, through the Julian T. Fouce Fund. He was a great lover of music who passed away that year.

Music therapy internship

We are revising our internship program and are not currently accepting applicants. We do not have a date set to relaunch the program. Please continue to check here for updates.

Music Therapy Practicum

Music Therapy Practicum is pre-internship training with our credentialed music therapists who provide direct supervision for clinical observation and co-leading opportunities to pre-internship students. Students must be enrolled in a music therapy program at a college or university at the time of proposed practicum. We encourage applicants with a minimum of two prior practicum experiences to apply.


Our music volunteers train with our music therapists in order to learn how to interact with patients and families. They will engage your child in music technology apps that promote normalization and socialization in the hospital. For more information visit the volunteer page.

Community partnerships

Many great Nashville-based artists lent their talents to the Everybody Has a Story project. Patients wrote their own songs during music therapy sessions with Children's Hospital's former music therapist Jenny Plume, M.A., MT-BC.

Patient Resources

Thank you for your support of the patients and families of Children's Hospital. All items purchased from this wish list will be shipped directly to the hospital and distributed to patients in the most appropriate way. If you wish to do so, please include your contact information in the Gift Message box when you order, so that we may send a letter of thanks. Note that some items may have used products available from other sellers. All items purchase for Children's Hospital must be new and unwrapped.