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MAGEC rod insertion

What is MAGEC?

MAGEC is an adjustable growing rod placed inside your child’s body that uses a magnetic remote control outside the body to lengthen the rod.

The MAGEC rods are made of titanium and have a small magnet inside them. They are attached to your child’s spine during surgery. The rods brace the spine as your child grows to help keep your child’s scoliosis from getting worse.

What are the benefits of using MAGEC rods?

Because the adjustments to the rods are done outside the body using the magnetic remote control, your child will have fewer surgeries while he or she is growing. The lengthening procedure is done in our outpatient Orthopaedic Clinic and your child can return to activities approved by the surgeon right after the procedure.

MAGEC rods

  • Correct the curve of the spine
  • Increase your child’s spine length
  • Improve space for lung growth
  • Reduce the number of surgeries, which also means less sedation or anesthesia

MAGEC Magnetic Growing Rods to Treat Scoliosis