Pediatric and Adolescent HIV/AIDS Clinic

Having a child with known or suspected HIV infections is a life-changing event. Our HIV/AIDS clinic at Children's Hospital provides you and and your family with the best opportunity for managing the disease and living a healthy life. Our testing and treatment services include:

  • Monitoring medications such as AZT
  • Treatment and regular clinic visits for children with confirmed HIV
  • Working with primary care doctors to improve care
  • Family resources such as social workers, case managers and researchers

Our clinic operates on a referral-only basis. Patients in our clinic have already visited withe their pediatrician or primary care doctor and received a referral to us for additional patient care.

Conditions We Treat

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Meet Your Care Team

Why Choose Children's Hospital for Pediatric & Adolescent HIV/AIDS Care

  • Our HIV/AIDS team works one-on-one with patients to provide a customized plan for noninvasive, invasive, laboratory, and outpatient services.

  • Collaborative care

    We work with other clinics and programs within the Division of Infectious Diseases to ensure HIV-infected children get the best possible care. Your child will receive treatment from experienced doctors, residents, fellows and nurses who are on the leading edge of HIV/AIDS research.

  • Comprehensive care

    Our HIV clinic is also linked to the Comprehensive Care Center to provide superior care for pregnant HIV-infected mothers. With proper care, the risk of a child with an HIV-positive mother becoming infected is rare. However, we carefully follow these children until their status is determined.

Tests, Treatments and Services

We offer a full range of tests, treatments, and services including:

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    Immunizations (vaccines)
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    Lab services
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    Physical exams

Locations (2)

2200 Children's Way, 6th Floor
Nashville, TN 37232
Today's hours:8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
1211 21st Avenue South, Suite 102A
Nashville, TN 37232

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