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Your Healthcare Team

Get to know the people who will care for your family.

During your stay at the hospital you will be introduced to many different people involved in your care. At our hospital each member wears a special badge color to help you identify the role they play in your child’s care. Below is a guide to help recognize your care team.

Doctors: Green ID badges

  • Attending physicians (dark green) supervise your child's overall care.
  • Resident physicians (light green) are licensed medical doctors who are studying to become specialists.
  • Consulting physicians (dark green) are often specialists, called in by the attending physician to treat a specific part of the body.
  • Fellows (sea green) are licensed doctors who are part of a one or two-year program to gain more specialized experience.

Nurses: Blue ID badges

  • Nurse Practitioners (NP, dark blue) are Registered Nurses with Master's degrees and advanced clinical training.
  • Registered Nurses (RN, light blue) provide or coordinate care.
  • Charge nurses are responsible for coordinating all patient care on the unit during the shift and making sure patients' needs are met.
  • The case manager is a nurse who manages your child's plan of care. They help you with scheduling follow-up appointments, delivery of medical equipment, insurance questions and more.

Respiratory Therapists: Gold ID badges

Respiratory therapists help with lung or breathing problems.

Many employees wear white badges:

  • Care partners assist with patient care under the direct supervision of an RN.
  • Child life specialists work with patients and families to reduce the stress of being in the hospital. They will help your child cope through play, and provide support during tests and treatment. Hospital school teachers and music and art therapists are also available.
  • Healthcare students: Children's Hospital is a teaching hospital. Students may be working with members of your healthcare team. Students do not make decisions about your child's medicines or treatments.
  • Pastoral and spiritual care: Chaplains are here to give support. Please ask your nurse for details. The Children's Chapel is on the second floor and is always open.
  • Patient care services manager: Every patient unit has a manager who is in charge of the patient care staff. Talk to the manager if you have any problems or concerns.
  • Pharmacists can tell you how to use a medicine the right way, how different medicines work with one another and how a drug may affect your child's illness.
  • Rehabilitation specialists can be physical, speech or occupational therapists. They work to help patients get back their strength and movement, the skills they need for play, learning and self-care, and their ability to talk, swallow or think.
  • Social Workers provide emotional support and counseling to patients and families and help them identify resources in the community.