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Blood Disorders: Transitioning to Adult Care


Transition from pediatric to adult healthcare services refers to the shift that happens as patients take full responsibility for managing their own care. For most patients, this transition will happen between age 18 and 22. While this transition may initially feel stressful for adolescents and caregivers alike, our HTC team is committed to equipping you and your family with the knowledge and skills you need for a smooth transition.

The actual transition to an adult provider won't happen until the patient is a legal adult, throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, our team will work with patients to expand their understanding of their bleeding disorder and identify ways to become more active in their care. With guidance from our Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS), patients will set developmentally appropriate goals during their comprehensive clinic visits to facilitate growth and problem-solving. Goals may include: learning to self-infuse, preparing questions prior to a healthcare visit, or meeting with the provider independently for part or all of the clinic visit. 
Our clinic staff developed this downloadable booklet to help you and your family navigate this transition. We hope they serve you well.