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Cancer Predisposition Referral and Appointment Information

Reasons to Consider Referral for Cancer Predisposition

There are many reasons you may want to ask your pediatrician to refer your child to Monroe Carell to determine cancer predisposition.

  • Your child was diagnosed with cancer, or you or were diagnosed with cancer as a child, particularly a cancer that is typically seen in adults.
  • Your child was diagnosed at a much younger age than usual.
  • Diagnosis of a rare cancer type
  • Diagnosis with bilateral or multifocal cancer
  • You or your child has had multiple different types of cancer or tumors
  • You or your child has had genetic testing confirming genetic predisposition to cancer
  • You or your child’s tumor was tested and found to have a mutation that may suggest genetic predisposition to cancer
  • Your family history has multiple people with the same type of cancer
  • Your family history has lots of people with cancer
  • A close relative is known to have a genetic predisposition to cancer

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Any prior genetic testing results (tumor, blood and/or saliva)
  • A detailed history of any previous cancer you or your child has had
  • Information about other family members with cancer (siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, or grandparents), including cancer type(s) and age of diagnosis.