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How to Prepare for Neurosurgery


Preparing for surgery can be a stressful time for parents and children. We are here to support you and your child before, during, and after your hospital visit.

Call (615) 322-6875 to schedule or change an appointment, or ask your primary care physician to make the appointment. New appointments are by referral only. Please call if you will be late for an appointment.

Before your visit

After your appointment has been made, you will receive a confirmation letter that includes your appointment date and time and directions. If your child is having surgery, our staff will contact you to schedule a pre-operative appointment. This visit usually takes place one day before surgery and includes time with a child life expert who will explain your child's upcoming surgery.

Bring the following items to your first appointment:

  • Medical records
  • X-ray films with reports (if applicable)
  • Insurance card
  • List of medications, including dosage information and time taken

Our waiting area is small, so we recommend siblings and other extended family members do not come along to your appointment.

During your visit

We will schedule you to arrive on the morning of your child's procedure. The length of stay will depend on the procedure. If your child’s procedure requires an overnight stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), two people may visit at a time. If a sterile procedure has been performed or if a patient is being admitted, no visitors are allowed.

Once your child is on the medical floor, you may stay with them the entire time. Visitors must have a visitor’s pass. Only two visitors are permitted to stay overnight.

There are two playrooms for the children, one for infants through 12-years-old and another for teens.

If you have questions or concerns after your child's visit, call our office at (615) 322-6875 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you need to call us after hours, the message center will connect you with the physician on call. If it is a medial emergency, please go to your local emergency room immediately.

Should your child become ill or if you have questions regarding prescription refills, call (615) 322-4875 to reach the doctor or case manager.

After your visit

Our nurse practitioner and caseworker oversees all discharge planning, which begins the moment patients are admitted. The staff member is responsible for making arrangements for home health and home medical equipment, as well as any required outpatient services. Let us know if you prefer a specific company for these services. If you need help completing paperwork, bring it with you to your visit.  

We will provide you with written instructions about your child’s surgery and homecare prior to discharge. Remember to make follow-up appointments before leaving the hospital.

Contact Medical Records at (615) 322-2062 if you need copies of medical information.

Use My Health at Vanderbilt to see lab results, contact your doctor or pay your bill. We provide specific instructions on opening an account for your child.

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