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Your First Visit to the New Onset Seizure Clinic

Know what to expect and how to prepare

At your first visit, your child will undergo an EEG, a test that will help determine your child’s risk for epilepsy. A short EEG done in clinic cannot confirm whether your child’s event was definitely a seizure. But this test can give us enough information to help us decide their risk of having another seizure.

After the EEG, the neurology provider will use the description of your child’s event(s) and the EEG findings to make more recommendations. These recommendations vary depending on the type and frequency of events. But they may include:

Starting an anti-seizure medication if your child has a high risk of having another seizure, or

Scheduling longer EEG testing in the hospital to record an event, and confirm they are seizures before starting medication

In most cases, your child may have had a single event or seizure without high risk of having another. If so, your child would not need a daily medication or more testing.

After the EEG and neurology clinic visit, we will send test results and recommendations to your child’s primary care provider.

If we start your child on a daily medication, you will have a follow-up neurology appointment in three to six months.


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