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Congenital Heart Defect Neurodevelopmental Follow-up Program

Many newborns with complex heart defects (CHD) are now surviving thanks to pioneering improvements in surgery and neonatal care. As these babies grow, evidence shows that some are having developmental issues, such as impaired fine muscle movements, speech problems and learning difficulties.

Our follow-up program at Monroe Carell can help reduce developmental problems through early evaluation, prompt treatment and ongoing follow-up.

Because babies with CHD are at high risk for delays and deficits in development, our goals are to

  1. Screen and identify problems as early as possible
  2. Evaluate problems with standardized assessments
  3. Support families and refer children for effective treatments and services

We work closely with community pediatricians to aid in the screening, referrals and improvement of neurodevelopmental care of these vulnerable children.

Meet Your Care Team

Neill A. Broderick

Neill A. BroderickPhD

    Autism, Child Development, Clinical Psychologist, Developmental Delay, Pediatric Developmental Medicine
Rachel H. Goode

Rachel H. GoodeMD

    Autism, Child Development, Developmental Delay, Developmental Medicine, Down Syndrome, Neonatology, Neurodevelopmental Follow up After NICU Hospitalization
Alice P. Lawrence

Alice P. LawrenceMD

    Cerebral Palsy, Child Development, Developmental Medicine, Neonatology, Neurodevelopmental Follow up After NICU Hospitalization, Pediatric Developmental Medicine
Amanda L. Mouvery

Amanda L. MouveryMSN, BSN, APRN, DNP

    Developmental Delay, Neonatology, Neurodevelopmental Follow up After NICU Hospitalization, Pediatric Developmental Medicine, Pediatric Neonatology


2105 Edward Curd Lane, 2nd Floor
Franklin, TN 37067
Today's hours:8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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