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Sport-Specific Injury Prevention

Sports are a great way of getting physical activity, but they also carry a risk of injury. Strains and overuse injuries are common. However, many sports injuries can be prevented with proper training and conditioning.

Our sport-specific injury prevention resources explain how to help keep young athletes safe and in top shape.

Protective equipment

Appropriate protective equipment may be effective at preventing specific injuries with proper use. Follow these recommendations to make sure your child has the correct protective equipment to reduce the risk of these types of injuries while playing sports:

  • Ankle braces - ankle injuries
  • Helmets - head injuries
  • Orofacial mouthguards - injuries to the mouth (but will not prevent concussions)
  • Orthotics - lower leg/foot injuries
  • Protective eyewear - eye injuries for sports with projectiles and sticks
  • Wrist guards - wrist injuries

Remember, your child and their teammates should always follow the rules of their sport in practice and during games. It's important for the coaching staff to enforce those rules and teach proper fundamentals at all times.