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Spiritual Care


Children's Hospital understands the vital roles faith and spirit play in your family life. Our chaplains provide interfaith spiritual care while your child is here, ensuring you can connect with sources of hope and meaning.

Chaplains are a helpful source of support at many moments:

  • Needing prayer or spiritual guidance
  • Experiencing suffering or loss
  • Desiring a specific ritual, such as communion, baptism, or the sacrament of the sick or anointing
  • Wrestling with spiritual questions, unable to pray, a sense of being abandoned, a lack of hope or questioning the meaning of life
  • Needing information about community religious groups and resources

If you would like to talk to a chaplain, ask anyone on your healthcare team to contact a chaplain on your behalf, visit our chapel on the second floor or call the Department of Pastoral Care at (615) 936-0425.

Our chapel

Notice regarding novel coronavirus and COVID-19: At this time the chapel remains open to patients and admitted visitors. We ask that all chapel visitors practice appropriate social distancing.

Our chapel on the far east side of the second floor is open 24 hours a day for personal prayer, meditation and quiet time. In the chapel, you will find private areas for prayer and resources from many faith traditions to offer spiritual support. You may also request prayer using the prayer box in the chapel.

Children's Hospital Chapel

Staff chaplains

Rev. Amanda Borchik, M.Div., BCC
Staff Chaplain  

Rev. Lisa Hermann, M.Div., BCC
Staff Chaplain

Clinical Pastoral Education

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is now offering CPE for the 2020-2021 residency year. Children’s Hospital is a clinical site for resident learning, providing mentorship and opportunities for spiritual care education in the pediatric setting.

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