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Your Visit to the Spina Bifida Clinic


Your appointment in the Spina Bifida Clinic will be different from a simple doctor visit. Our program lets families see any or all of our specialists during one outpatient clinic visit.

Before your visit

Your appointment with these specialists will take up most of the afternoon, so please plan to eat lunch before clinic starts.

Bring toys, books and other activities from home in case you have to wait between specialist visits.

Our coordinator will let you know if your child will need any labs or imaging and help schedule this for you.

The time and place of every test will be in the appointment reminders you will receive from us.

When and where we see patients

Children’s Hospital wants to ensure children who have received care for spina bifida to continue to thrive and see improved health. We offer a series of follow-up exams for children who have the repair either prenatally or postnatally.

We see spina bifida patients two weeks after their NICU discharge, then

  • Every 3 months for the first year
  • Every 6 months from ages 1 to 3
  • Annually until age 18.

At that point we assist in transitioning patients to adult providers. We also see spina bifida patients at individual providers’ clinics as needed.

Diagnostic imaging

Many patients may already have diagnostic imaging appointments scheduled before their Spina Bifida clinic visit. Our coordinator will try to schedule these visits on the morning of your visit.


Sometimes a patient may need a spine X-ray. This will be done by Pediatric Orthopaedics before you come to the Spina Bifida clinic. Your child's doctor can then review and discuss the results while your child is in clinic. Our coordinator will let you know if your child will need an X-ray and help schedule this for you.


Sometimes patients will need special tests like having blood drawn. We will let you know if your child will need these tests done before coming to clinic.

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